About Us

About Us

Serving the Farming Industry

What WE about

History and Objectives


    Agri-Extension is a digital platform using Agripedia Technology under the auspices of the International Agricultural Academy for Africa (i3A), with over 1000 smallholder farmers who had each completed at least one of the academy’s programs.


    • Increase the productivity of small-scale farmers in order for them to attain their economic objectives.
    • Enhance our capacity to serve the farmers and their experience with us.
    • Establish and maintain a positive work environment culture.
    • Increasing the number of effective allies and patrons.

    Mission, Vision, and Values

    Mission Statement

    The purpose of the company is to advise small farmers on the best course of action for business expansion in order to promote sustainable development in Africa.


    To best serve smallholders and be the most client-centric organization, to always be relevant in their lives, and to effect permanent changes in the development of the African continent.

    Agri-Extension Values

    Aspiration and Interests

    Pioneer the aims and ambitions of future farmers.


    Utilize Agriculture’s diversity and variety of perspectives to pursue the development of the best possible opportunities for growth.

    Integrity and probity

    Garner the confidence of farmers and other stakeholders through ethical and accountable behaviour.


    Through disciplined business practices, we will meet our obligations to our stakeholders.

    Executive Director

    Johan Stassen
    Johann founded the Agri-Extension in 2023 with the vision to be an International Development, committed to developing agriculture in Africa. He serves as Managing Director to achieve the outcomes as reflected in the company tracking record and profile.
    Johann is an Agricultural Economist and commercial farmer with more than 30 years of experience in the field of agricultural extension, training, and community development. The successful achievements of the Agri-extension are proof of his commitment towards changing the lives of disadvantaged farmers across Africa.


    Dr. Antonie Chrisstoffel Geyer
    Antonie is a senior and well know agricultural economist with over 38 years of experience in the commercial agricultural Industry and Academic Institutions in South Africa. He specialises in agricultural economics and agrarian data warehousing, analysing production data and economic advisory services. Antonie is a commercial sheep and cattle farmer with specific experience in the wool and mohair industries.

    Board Member

    Miss. Ayabonga Vazi
    Ayabonga is a potent young female aspiring Animal Scientist. She has extensive experience with leadership and community-building initiatives. Ayabonga is proficient in Agricultural Economics and has a solid background in academic content development and entrepreneurship.